Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roosted ?

Roosted is a real estate referral brokerage. Real estate agents can join (hang their license with) Roosted when they no longer want to do transactions, but still want to keep their real estate license active and collect referral fees.

Full-time real estate professionals can sign up as a Roosted Partner Agent to receive these referrals.

How do Roosted Agents send referrals ?

All referrals are sent through the Roosted web app. As a Roosted Agent, simply login and tap Create a Referral. Buyer and seller referrals can be sent to all 50 states. And the best part? There are no PDFs to fill out and nothing to print!

Can I choose the agent ?

Absolutely! Roosted has pre-negotiated a 35% referral fee for you with our network of agents. However, you are always welcome to choose the agent and negotiate your own referral fee instead. 

To pick the agent to send the referral, select “I’ll pick the agent” when creating your referral. The agent does not have to be signed up with Roosted to receive referrals. The referral will be sent via email and the agent will create a free account to accept the referral and sign the agreement.

When you send a referral to an agent, their information will be saved for you to easily send them additional referrals.

What are the fees to join Roosted ?

There is a one-time $25 sign-up fee to join Roosted. However, Roosted Agents do not pay REALTOR® dues, MLS fees, or eKey subscriptions. The only fee you are required to pay is what your state licensing department charges to renew your license.

How do Roosted Agents get paid ?

Roosted Partners compensate Roosted Agents with a 35% referral fee in all 50 states. Referral fees are sent to Roosted at close of escrow, and the agent will be paid within 24 hours after it’s received. The payment to the Roosted Agent is based on their plan.

Who are the referrals sent to ? Who handles the transaction ?

Roosted knows the value of experience in the real estate industry. All Roosted Referrals are placed with REALTORS® nationwide for a 35% referral fee. Our Partner Agents are active, licensed agents.

Alternatively, you can send referrals directly to an agent of your choice. When referring to an agent of your choice, you will negotiate your own referral fee. The agent does not need to be signed up with Roosted as a Partner to receive referrals from Roosted Agents.

What if I decide to get back into traditional real estate ?

Awesome! We hope every Roosted Agent becomes productive enough to be a traditional agent again, and we will support them in rejoining a traditional brokerage and the REALTOR® associations. 

You can cancel your Roosted subscription at any time through the Dashboard, and are free to move your license whenever you’d like. If you need help deciding on a traditional brokerage to join, just reach out to your broker at 480-605-1818.

How are the referral fees determined ?

Roosted Partner Agents in all 50 states pay a 35% referral fee. When sending a referral, choose the option to let Roosted select the agent to take advantage of the pre-negotiated 35% referral fee.

If you choose to send a referral to an agent of your choice, you will be able to ask for whatever referral fee you would like.

Roosted’s iBuyer/cash offer and flat fee partners offer different referral fees. Currently, our cash offer partner offers 1% of the purchase price, and our flat fee partner offers a $500 referral fee. iBuyer and flat fee are not available in all states.

What if my real estate license is expired ?

You cannot join Roosted if you have an expired real estate license. Contact your state’s real estate department to determine what steps you need to take to get your license in good standing. If you need to complete continuing education (CE) hours, you can do so here.

What if I want to buy/sell my own home ?

Roosted Agents cannot represent themselves (or anyone else) on a real estate transaction. If you are buying or selling your own home, use the Roosted system to refer yourself to a practicing REALTOR®.

Here are the options:
1) Receive 35% of the agent’s commission when you let Roosted select the agent, OR
2) Choose your own agent and negotiate your own referral fee, OR
3) When buying, negotiate a referral fee with the listing agent (up to 100% of the co-broke)

In which states is Roosted available ?

Currently, only real estate licensees in Arizona can join Roosted as a referral Agent. We are in the process of expanding to additional states. (California coming soon!) 

You can receive real estate referrals from Roosted if you have an active license in any state, and meet our minimum requirements for Partner Agents.

How much money can I make as a Roosted agent ?

Roosted Agents are paid on every referral they send through the Roosted app that closes escrow. How much you earn is determined by how many referrals you send, the amount of those referrals, and your Roosted plan.

Referral fees are expressed as a percentage of the agent’s commission. For example, if the Partner Agent (who received the referral/handles the transaction) makes $10,000, a 35% referral fee would be $3,500. Roosted agents are then paid according to their plan (50%, 70%, or 90% of the $3,500 referral fee).

Who decides the agent the referrals are sent to ?

The Roosted Agent decides who to send the referral to when placing the referral. Agents can send their referrals to a specific agent, or allow Roosted to select the agent.

When Roosted selects the agent, the referral will be placed with an experienced REALTOR® for a 35% referral fee.

How do I track the status of my referral ?

The Roosted web app makes it easy to track the status of referrals you have sent! Simply log in, and all of your referrals appear on your dashboard. Referral statuses let you know which ones are still home shopping, and which ones you’ll be getting paid on soon. The Partner Agent (the agent who received the referral) is responsible for updating the status of the referral. (Don’t worry, we send them reminders!)

What is a Partner Agent ?

Roosted Partner Agents are experienced, full-time REALTORS® who handle the transactions for Roosted Referrals.

Do I have to move my license / sever from my current brokerage ?

To join Roosted, send referrals, and avoid dues/fees, you will need to move your license to Roosted. There’s no rush – you can join now and move your license when you’re ready. 

To receive Roosted Referrals, simply sign up as a Partner Agent and pay a 35% referral fee at closing. Partner Agents keep their license at their current brokerage.

Can I get paid on referrals in other states ?

Absolutely! Roosted Agents earn referral fees when anyone they know buys or sells in any state, with any type of agent (including iBuyers and flat fee companies).

What about disruptors like iBuyers or flat fee companies ?

Roosted makes it easy to earn referral fees, regardless of who your family & friends decide to sell to. On the Make a Referral page, simply select the option for iBuyer or Flat Fee, and your referral will be sent accordingly. Whichever one they choose, you’ll be paid a referral fee. Roosted partners with OpenDoor as our iBuyer/cash offer company.

What brokerages receive Roosted Referrals ?

Roosted has Partner Agents in all 50 states from over 200 different brokerages. Partner Agents are evaluated based on their experience, production, and customer reviews. Partner Agents are from big brands as well as local, boutique brokerages.

In addition to traditional real estate agents, Roosted also partners with OpenDoor for sellers interested in receiving a cash offer for their home.

Is Roosted anti-REALTOR® ?

No, we are not anti-REALTOR® or anti-association! Roosted supports the National Association of REALTORS®. In fact, all Roosted Partner Agents are REALTORS®.

We hope every Roosted agent becomes productive enough to be a traditional agent again, and we will support them in rejoining a traditional brokerage and the REALTOR® associations. We offer a spot for agents to call home until that time comes.

Can I send referrals through the Roosted system as a Partner Agent ?

Currently, only Roosted Agents (who hang their license with Roosted) can send referrals through the Roosted system.

I'm a broker or owner. Can I partner with Roosted ?

Absolutely! Roosted helps brokers retain transactions when agents retire or leave the business. To learn more about our broker program, contact us.