How it Works

sending referrals and using your license
as a Roosted real estate agent

Refer clients from the palm of your hand in 5 minutes or less. No paperwork necessary.

Step one
Buying or Selling

Select whether your client is buying a home, selling a home, or both. Arizona Roosted agents can send referrals to all 50 states.

Sellers can be referred to traditional agents, or cash offer companies like OpenDoor.

select buyer referral, seller, or both
select the agent - roosted selects, or you select

Step two
agent selection

Choose to select your own agent to handle the transaction, or let us match your client with an agent.

If you let Roosted pick the agent, you’ll take advantage of the pre-negotiated 35% referral fees. 

Step three
the details

Enter your client’s name and contact info, along with a few details about location and price. This helps us match your client with the best agent to help them.

(optional) Provide some notes to help the agent serve them better!

enter details for your roosted referral

Meet The Roosted Web App
your personal referral dashboard

automated referrals

Send referrals to any agent, in any state. There's no paperwork - it's all handled through the app.

get paid more

Earn 35% of the agent's commission when you let Roosted pick the agent. Set your own referral fee when you choose the agent.

Roosted Agent Dashboard on an iPhone

track your deals

Get live updates as your client progresses through their buying or selling transaction. You're always in the loop.

pick the agent

Have a friend in the business? You can send your referrals directly to them! They only pay after closing.

Hang your License with Roosted

and start earning commission without paying dues


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