get referrals. no monthly fees.

Receive roosted’s high quality referrals in your area without paying monthly advertising fees. Pay a referral fee when the deal closes.

To receive referrals, you must:

Send referrals in all 50 states

receive personal real estate referrals from roosted agents

Referrals are the best leads

Roosted referrals are not like internet leads. These are personal referrals from agents of buyers and sellers ready to go.

Coverage in all 50 states

Roosted agents can make referrals in all 50 states. It doesn’t matter where you live and work, roosted can send you referrals

Track referrals on the app

The Roosted web app makes it easy to accept, reject, and track the status of referrals. Referrals are color-coded based on status.

Sign up instantly - no waiting for paperwork

Roosted referral partners can sign up instantly in the roosted app.

Exclusive tech-powered referral matching

Roosted's referral matching technology automatically sends referrals to the best agent.

Make money from high-quality referrals

When a roosted agent’s friends & family need to buy or sell a home, they refer them with Roosted.

How partners view the referral status of Roosted referrals

With just a few taps, the roosted app allows you to accept these referrals and start closing more deals

Become a Referral Partner - IT'S EASY!

sign up

Whenever you’re ready, fill out our online signup form. Don’t worry – we make it easy.


receive referrals

Our app makes it easy to receive referrals. With just a few taps, you can accept a referral, sign the referral agreement and get all the details on the client.


pay referral fee

Work with the client just like you would any other personal referral. When the deal closes, you can either pay the 35% referral fee from escrow, or have your broker send us a check. It’s that easy.


Ready to receive real estate referrals?