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our story

Roosted believes your real estate license should make you money, not cost you money.

In Arizona, there are 80,000 people with a real estate license. And over half of them sell one home a year or less.

After paying REALTOR dues, fees to the MLS, technology fees, and commission splits… unfortunately, the majority of agents barely break even.

That’s why we created roosted – the first technology platform that makes it easy for agents to earn an income with their real estate license, without paying any fees or dealing with transactions.

roosted raises the bar

Today, being a traditional real estate agent is more difficult and more expensive than ever.

Few have the time, resources and desire required to build a thriving real estate business that meets the demands of today’s consumer in the midst of changing technology.

Roosted is committed to the idea that real estate transactions should be handled by professional REALTORS® who are committed to their craft, invest in their business, stay on top of regulatory changes, and are champions for their clients. 

That’s why every Roosted Referral is handled by an experienced, local REALTOR®. 

what is roosted?

roosted is the first tech-enabled real estate referral brokerage.  

Roosted enables those with a real estate license to make referrals and earn commissions from the sale of real estate, without worrying about the high costs, headaches, and liabilities of transactions.

With just a few taps, Roosted agents connect their friends and family with experienced real estate agents in all 50 states. After that, they can relax knowing their loved ones are in good hands (and that their 35% referral fee is on its way!)

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our founders

Amanda Sue Briggs, Roosted Founder

Amanda Sue Briggs

Amanda Sue grew up in the real estate industry, and her background includes both the REALTOR® association world and boots-on-the-ground real estate. Over the past 8 years, she has trained thousands of agents how to utilize technology and cutting-edge marketing strategies effectively in their businesses.

Amanda Sue loves owls and is the driving force behind Roosted's marketing.

Dane Briggs, Founder of Roosted

Dane Briggs

Dane began his real estate career as a baby, attending his mom's showings on her hip. Since getting his license at age 20, Dane has owned a traditional brokerage, personally sold over 500 homes, and trained thousands of agents. He's a tech geek and has spoken on stage at numerous industry conferences.

Dane leads our flock (and his mom is now a proud Roosted agent).

Daniel Might, Roosted Founder

Daniel Might

Dan has spent 15 years leading operations for several companies. He's had a passion for development and building technologies that solve problems since his first computer science classes at Georgia Tech. He received an MBA from Stanford Business School and is a Combat Engineer Officer in the Army Reserve.

Dan is the man with the coding skills who makes all of the app magic happen.

our partners

Our partners are the agents who receive referrals from Roosted agents. 

Partner Agents handle the real estate transactions for Roosted Referrals in all 50 states. 

In addition to traditional real estate agents and teams, Roosted also partners with cash offer and flat fee companies.