how to use your license

Your license is active

Roosted agents have an active real estate license.

You can talk about real estate

Let friends, family, & coworkers know you're a real estate agent!

All you need to worry about is CE

Roosted offers online continuing education for state requirements.

An agent, not a REALTOR®

Roosted agents are not members of the National Association of REALTORS®.

No real estate transactions

Sit back and collect a check - Roosted's partners handle the transactions.

You don't pay MLS fees

Roosted agents do not pay MLS fees and do not have MLS access.

marketing yourself as an agent

Roosted agents can earn a substantial income from real estate referrals! According to Tom Ferry, every 40 conversations about real estate leads to one closing. So talk about real estate everywhere you go!

Here are some ways to market yourself:

1) Let friends & family know you can connect them with a great local agent in all 50 states
2) Share articles about real estate on social media to start a conversation
3) Hand out your Roosted business cards

Roosted agents are also allowed to do traditional advertising & lead generation. Just get any ads approved by your broker first 😉

why you don't have to pay dues

All REALTORS® are real estate agents, but not all real estate agents are REALTORS®. The term REALTOR® means “member of the National Association of REALTORS®”. Because Roosted is not an NAR member, Roosted agents are not REALTORS®.

Real estate agents are only required to pay NAR dues when their brokerage is a member of NAR. We know it can be confusing, so we wrote up a blog post explaining how NAR dues work. By the way, the Code of Ethics requirement is also an NAR requirement, so you don’t have to take that class every two years anymore, either.

about continuing education

Continuing education (often called “CE”) is a requirement by the state real estate licensing organization. CE is always mandatory, even as a referral-only agent. The real estate continuing education requirements vary by state, but most require 18-40 hours of CE every two years.

Roosted offers online continuing education at a discount for agents and partners. We’ll also send you reminders when it’s time to renew your license.

buying/selling your own home

Refer yourself to a practicing REALTOR® when you personally want to buy or sell a home. You cannot represent yourself (or anyone else) as an agent on real estate transactions, but you can earn a referral fee for referring yourself to an agent that will represent you.

Here are the options:
1) Receive 35% of the agent’s commission when you let Roosted select the agent, OR
2) Choose your own agent and negotiate your own referral fee, OR
3) When buying, negotiate a referral fee with the listing agent (up to 100% of the co-broke)

how to send referrals & get paid

The Dashboard does it all

All referrals are sent using your Roosted Dashboard at

Pre-negotiated referral fee

Partner agents in all 50 states have agreed to pay 35% of their commission.

Automatic referral matching

Roosted can match your referral to an experienced local market expert

Easy referral tracking

The Dashboard updates you when your check is on its way!

Select your own agent

Prefer to select your own agent? You can do that, as well as change the referral fee.

Choose your plan (split)

The plan you choose determines how much of the 35% referral fee you keep.

Roosted app showing how you choose what type of referral you are sending

1) the roosted agent sends the referral

Agents send referrals through the Roosted Dashboard. Roosted agents can refer:
👉 Buyers
Refer anyone buying a home in any state.
👉 Sellers
Refer anyone who wants to sell a home in any state. Sellers can be referred to traditional agents, flat fee companies, and cash buyers (OpenDoor).

Only a few details are needed to complete a referral:
- Name
- Phone number
- Email address
- Property address (sellers) or zip code (buyers)

2) the partner agent closes the deal

Partner agents are practicing, full-time REALTORS® who handle the transactions for Roosted Referrals. Partner agents have their own Roosted Dashboard, where they can:

👉 Accept referrals
👉 Sign the referral agreement
👉 Update the status of the transaction (“under contract”)
👉 Message the Roosted agent who sent the referral (new in V2)

our tech powers the process

Roosted Referral Dashboard

The partner agent (who handles the transaction for Roosted Referrals) signs the referral agreement electronically. The client’s information is protected until this agreement is signed.

Once the referral is sent, the Roosted agent’s job is done!

From their Dashboard, Roosted agents can:
👉 Automatically match their referral with a Roosted Partner for a 35% referral fee
👉 Select the agent to refer the deal to (even if they aren’t signed up as a partner)
👉 Provide comments and details about their referral
👉 View their estimated commissions & previous payments

3) the roosted agent gets a check (referral fee)

All referral fees are agreed upon when sending the referral. Referral fees are a percentage of the Partner Agent’s commission.

Roosted has pre-negotiated a 35% referral fee when you let our app choose the agent. 
If you choose the agent instead, you will select a referral fee (%) when sending the referral.

Roosted collects the referral fee, and pays the agent according to their Plan
(50%, 70%, or 90% of the referral fee)

*Roosted collects a 35% referral fee from Referral Partners. Roosted Agents will receive a portion of that referral fee according to the plan they select. 35% referral fee does not apply to iBuyer or Flat Fee.