How to put your Arizona real estate license on referral status

So, you’re ready to hang your license with roosted – awesome! Putting your real estate license on referral status is the next step. At this point, you know which roosted plan is best for you, and are excited to save money by becoming a roosted agent.

Once you’ve signed up with roosted, you’ll need to transfer your license with the Arizona Department of Real Estate to start sending referrals.

Transfer your license with ADRE

How to transfer your Arizona real estate license (with screenshots)

  1. Log in to the ADRE Online System

    Visit and log in with your license number and password.
    Login to the AZRE Online Licensing System
    If you don’t know your password, use the boxes on the right to Login for the first time, or password reset.

  2. Click Add or Change My Employer

    Add or Change My Employer can be found in the Quick Links section under the Personal column.AZRE Online System - Add or Change My Employer

  3. Click Continue

    Your current brokerage (if any) will be displayed. Click Continue to proceed.Putting your real estate license on referral through AZRE Online System

  4. Agree and Continue

    ADRE will display some disclosures. Read through them, check the box to agree, and click Continue.

  5. Enter Roosted’s License Number

    Next, enter Roosted’s license number (copy and paste): LC685364000
    Click Continue.Roosted License Number to Transfer your real estate license to Roosted

  6. Confirm and click Continue

    The next page confirms that you are transferring your license to Roosted. Confirm that you see Roosted under Employment Information and click Continue.Putting your real estate license on referral

  7. Verify in your Roosted Dashboard

    The ADRE system will display a confirmation page that shows Roosted under Pending Employment Information. You can now log out of the ADRE system.

    To begin sending referrals, log in to your Roosted Dashboard and click the button Confirm to tell us you’ve transferred your license.

That’s it! You can now send referrals through the Roosted App!

If you haven’t joined Roosted yet, you can get started here.

Still have questions about being a Roosted Agent? Learn how Roosted works or view the agent quick start guide.