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Taking the first step towards becoming an agent can seem like a daunting task. Making a dramatic career change into the industry requires time, patience, and determination. Other responsibilities, like your current job or raising children, can be distracting energy drainers.

With Roosted, getting your real estate license doesn’t have to mean making a career change. Instead of jumping into real estate full time, you can make a residual income whenever your friends want to buy a home. Learn more about how to hang your real estate license with Roosted.

Let’s discuss what exactly “Pre-Licensing Education” is, and explore how an online licensing course will help you pass your exam with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

What is Pre-Licensing?

Each state’s real estate commission requires pre-Licensing courses for getting your license and working in the real estate industry. To get your license, you first need to complete the required Pre-Licensing education for your state and then take your state’s licensing exam. Once you pass your exam, you will become a fully-licensed agent in your state.

Benefits of using Roosted to get your license

You may be asking, “So why should I get my license through Roosted?” Roosted has partnered with The CE Shop, the leader in online education. Let’s dive in and explore the benefits and features that make The CE Shop’s online education the best in the market.

State-Approved Education

Our industry-leading courses combine the classroom environment and online learning with state-by-state regulatory requirements. We have gone through your state’s rigorous procedures to assure that you’re getting the most informative and up-to-date curriculum there is.

90% National Pass Rate

Our courses have a proven history of preparing students to pass their licensing exam on the first attempt. Don’t believe us? Check out the stats here.

Free 5-Day Trial

We want you to feel comfortable knowing that getting your real estate license is the right choice for you. That’s why we provide a 5-day, risk-free trial giving you unlimited access to all course content so you can experience our courses for yourself before committing. Pick Your State and Start Your Free Trial Today.

Features of Our Courses


All of our Pre-Licensing courses are optimized for your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a crowded bus in Peru at 3 AM, or on your couch during a lazy Sunday afternoon. Our courses are conveniently available for you whenever you want to learn.

Simple Navigation

We designed our courses to be clear, concise, and easy to navigate. We want your educational experience to be a seamless progression from start to finish.

Engaging and Interactive

Our innovative courses are made exactly for your needs. By making our courses engaging and interactive, you’ll be able to retain the information for your exam.

Clear Course Progress

Our progress bars tell you how much time you’ve spent in your course, as well as the percentage of course content you’ve completed. Knowing how much is left of the course you need to complete gives you the power to schedule ahead and properly prepare for your upcoming exam.

Streamlined Design

Interactive courses make your learning experience as simple and straightforward as possible. We mean business when it comes to your education.

Check Out Our Courses for Yourself

We work hard to offer you the most innovative and convenient way to get your real estate license through our interactive course delivery system. See for yourself how simple it can be.

Find your state now and begin your journey to becoming a real estate agent!


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