Roosted, the first app-based real estate referral brokerage, is pleased to welcome over 30 agents from Hall Referral Network (HRN) to the Roosted family. HRN is a referral brokerage in Arizona that sees the value in their agents becoming part of the Roosted umbrella. 

The partnership allows licensed agents from HRN to take advantage of Roosted’s technology to easily create and make money from real estate referrals.

“I’ve researched several companies to help make the transition smooth,” said Carole Sexton, designated broker, as she announced the sunsetting of HRN. “I found, what I feel, will be the perfect fit in Roosted.”

Roosted knows the value of experience in the real estate industry. Roosted places all referrals with REALTORS® nationwide for a 35% referral fee. Our Partner Agents are active, licensed agents with a proven record of success.

“Our goal is to create a win-win for agents and brokerages,” said Dane Briggs, founder and Designated Broker for Roosted. “Roosted’s Broker Program allows the brokerage to retain transactions, while allowing agents to keep an active license with minimal fees.”


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